Our expertise

We aim for excellence, whatever the scope and complexity of your projects



Supply Management


Operation & Maintenance


A technical understanding of your project and its challenges

With a great expertise in the field of engineering, our team of experts and its network of partners have the knowledge and resources to produce the technical studies and the plans and specifications needed to define your project. When you submit for a design, you can rely on our team of professionals to identify possible errors and define optimization tracks that propel the results of the project.

Supply management

Knowledgeable expertise to identify suppliers that exactly meet your needs

When tender plans and specifications are issued, NEOKA can take over the bidding process to collect contractors’ bids matching exactly the plans and specifications of your project. This process is reinforced by a rigorous analysis and the issuing of professional recommendations signed NEOKA. Value, functionality and compliance are the foundations of our methodological approach.

Construction Operations

Impeccable coordination for maximum performance

We are fully aware of the considerable costs and the associated financial risks involved in a project. Our managers are optimally arranging the design and procurement phases for the coordination and layout of construction tasks. Master changes, construction costs and meet your deadlines with the experience, responsiveness and relevance of our project managers.

Operation & Maintenance

Ongoing support for full capacity performance

A prepared and controlled transition is of utmost importance. Our managers mobilize the key players that allow you to meet the challenges of everyday life. We fully understand the need to enforce the guarantees and to grant the maintenance contracts properly. With NEOKA, the management of your facilities is focused on reliability, sustainability and profitability.